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Hotels, Resorts & Casinos market

Hotels, Resorts & Casinos market

Western Technologies works with national and regional hospitality builders to provide our clients with one-stop shopping. For instance, the structural performance of building materials depends, to a large measure, on the quality of the construction materials and their placement during construction. To assist the owner, developer, designers and building officials. Western Technologies performs independent special inspections, construction quality assurance (QA) or quality control (QC) services, pavement evaluations and engineering, and earthwork observation and testing.

Hotels, Resorts & Casinos clients include:

  • Marriott
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Westin Hotels
  • County Inn & Suites
  • Radisson
  • Arizona Biltmore Resort
  • Wynn Hotels
  • MGM Grand
  • Mirage Hotel
  • Caesars Entertainment Operation Company
  • Valley Ho
  • Sheraton Grand