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Industrial market

Industrial market

Industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse/distribution facilities are complex multifaceted projects requiring an understanding of elements of design and construction. Regardless of the project size or type of facility, Western Technologies delivers responsive, professional service.

For example, specialized warehousing and manufacturing operations require extraordinary flat and level floors(super-flat) for proper equipment performance. Another example is the trend for distribution facilities to be larger and taller and having heavy machinery with dynamic loads requiring geotechnical analysis to provide earthwork and foundation designs to achieve an acceptable settlement. Western Technologies understands these additional requirements for industrial projects and provides services to meet the needs of the project.

Industrial clients include:

  • Amazon Fulfillment Centers
  • Lucid Motors
  • Empire Southwest
  • Netflix
  • Ak-Chin Industrial Park
  • Ten Distribution Center (Jenberly)
  • Red Rock Development
  • SunState Builders
  • Opus Development Co.
  • Renaissance
  • Nitti Construction
  • Graycor
  • Caprock
  • CBRE